Hal’s concern for the public morals — of juveniles in particular.

I, Claudius was very popular in the Tunnel Bar. One evening a little crowd of regulars were watching as Claudius was summoned before Caligula. Next thing on the screen is the walk on the wild side emperor doing the shimmy-shimmy, shakey-shake.

As luck would have it, just then in walks a somewhat tipsy Hal who at first finds the performance quite captivating, murmuring, “What’s this? VCR?”

“Nah,” I says, “jus’ TV.”


“Hey! This is Channel 13,” was my reply.

Incensed, Hal began to stride back and forth, slamming his fist down into the air. “CHANNEL 13! KIDS COULD BE WATCHIN’!”

To this day, I find quite touching Hal’s concern for the public morals — of juveniles in particular.

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