Crime at City Hall in Jersey City

In the mid-60s, a protohippy (as luck would have it, a first cousin to the UBERHIPPY), and two accomplices, went to City Hall in Jersey City during normal business hours. Once inside, they hid and waited until the dead of night. Then, they snuck out and made their way to a safe believed to contain fifty thousand dollars in cash. The protohippy drilled a number of holes in the thick metal door.

“Hank, hand me the big screwdriver. I’m ready to rip.”

When the safe cracker’s apprentice heard this, the thought of all the money sent him into a state of shock. He released his grip and the metal tools fell to the stone floor with a clang that echoed throughout the building.

Alerted to intruders, the night watchman called the police, who quickly arrived on the scene. The little band of burglars attempted to escape by jumping out a first-story window. The cops quickly caught them hiding in a car less than a block away.

During this same era, Tom Whelan, the Mayor of Jersey City piled up over a million dollars through a seemingly infinite series of kickbacks and shakedowns. It’s often repeated that crime does not pay. That’s only true for those working the night shift.

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