Vinny’s brush with Jersey City Politics

Everyone in Jersey City’s involved with politics — even Vinny Buchelle.

Vinny was head flunky at a trucking outfit in Jersey City PG (PreGentrification). Any business here that’s bigger than the corner candy store donates to every candidate for mayor. The boss of the trucking company gave the likely winner and any real contenders donations of $1000 each. The rest of the pack were not forgotten, but they had to be happy with a pair of tickets to the $100 a plate shindig. This was how Vinny’s patron wound up with two tickets to the Cucci campaign bash. He tried to give the tickets away but nobody wanted them — except for Vinny.

Vinny sat in the Tunnel Bar — resplendent in clothes stolen from the Salvation Army especially for the occasion — watching the hands of the clock inch towards the Cucci fundraiser’s door opening time. Vinny offered the extra ticket to quite a few, but there were no takers. So, 7:30 or so he left by himself and headed south on Henderson.

The next day Vinny had a story of the bartender at the place at some point refusing to pour any more. Vinny started yelling, Hey! Whad’ya mean I can have a drink? I paid $100 buck for this ticket!”

Cucci himself interceded telling the bartender to “give him anything he wants.”

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