The Kiss by David Friedland

The Kiss

They told me I would die.
I have died a thousand times,
often without crying , at times by will
as when I left behind,
the desiccated skin
I called my life .

I died the moment I was born
and willed myself into another form.
I died every time I hated,
every time I mated and left satiated
too full, yet forlorn.

Who was I before I was born?
When the next night births my dawn.
Shall I rock or water form?

Every moment, is the death of the last.
We are seeds of summer’s past,
birthing flowers as each sun’s Rose
grows and withers at last.

I live yet not one single cell
of yesterday remains
Nor do I remember the hell
of my first birth’s pains.

Every word I write will pass
star-lit moons, filling the abyss.
Who will say I died
when Life embraced Death and kissed.

David Friedland 8/ 2015

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