Hurricane Carter’s prison bout

One of the regular customers at the Tunnel Bar who we shall here call Hal was a long-time friend of Hurricane Carter, all the way from Yardville to Rahway. Hal told of an unusual Boxing match in prison with Carter as a contestant. His opponent was an unusually silent individual whose entire workout consisted of ten overhead reps with a 300 lb. barbell.

Initially, Hurricane danced around the opponent, fast flicking gloves cutting his face. The other man shuffled flat-footed about the ring, seemingly unaware of the punishment that he was receiving. His upper body swiveled slowly towards the prize fighter, like the guns of a battleship aiming at a target by slowly turning on their turrets. Every so often, a powerful arm shot out like a missile. Hurricane Carter at first easily avoided these attacks, but tiring, was caught by a solid right that sent him flying into the ropes. The other man skipped right in front of Carter and began to piston-pummel him with crushing blows.

The doctor was called in to revive Carter. Hurricane refused a rematch.

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