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Vinny Buchelle, one of the regulars at the Tunnel Bar, some decades before had been sent off to Trenton State Prison for statutory rape, or so he claimed. Underneath all that steel and concrete, Vinny suffered a breakdown and so graduated over to the hospital for the criminally insane. There he received what’s called a course of shock therapy. (“They roll ya in and it hits ya . . . You don’t know if y’r gonna see t’morra.”)

One evening, a rerun of a Saturday Night Live show was on the TV in the Tunnel Bar. A fake commercial for Spud Beer was playing. When the announcer said, “You’ve just had a heavy session of electroshock therapy . . .,” having some knowledge of Vinny’s curriculum vitae, I turned my head over towards him to see his reaction. Vinny’s attention was focused in a way that I’d never seen him achieve before. When the spot ended, Vinny said, “Something new, ‘eh?”

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