Jackson came in from the cold.

Teddy Kucz (“Jackson”) first became homeless during a summer of endless drinking. When the steady freeze of January set in, being free as a bird was not enjoyable for one unable to fly south. Cold and hungry in Journal Square, the immense window of the J. M. Fields store provided inspiration. Jackson found a brick and tossed it. He then stood there waiting for the police to arrive and to bring him to the warmth of the jail.

The next day in court, Jackson started to tell his tale of woes brought about by immoderate imbibing, until interrupted by the judge.

“OK, you’re tired of the cold and are lookin’ for a warm place to sleep. Is 90 days OK?”

“Thank you, your Honor. That’s just right.”

Next year, Jackson again broke the big store window. When he went to court this time, the judge laughed and immediately asked, “Another 90?”

For the third January in a row, it was as if the Fields’ glass had a bull’s eye painted on it. Now the judge was not amused.

“Listen up and listen good. I’m doin’ y’ favor and givin’ y’ 90, but that’s it. If I see y’ again next year, y’er gettin’ a year. It’ll be just as cold commin’ out as it was goin’ in.”

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Anthony Olszewski has written on a wide variety of topics: cage birds, tropical fish, popular culture, the poetry of Amiri Baraka and a chapter on genetics for a veterinary text book, as a small sample. He worked as an editor at a magazine produced by TFH, the world's largest publisher of pet books. Anthony Olszewski is the author of a booklet on Hudson County history, Hudson County Facts, and a book of short stories, Second Thief, Best Thief, that are sold on Amazon. Anthony Olszewski established PETCRAFT.com in 1996. A pioneer on the Web, the Site continues to provide unique information on a range of companion animals, focusing on birds and fish. As a community service, he operates Jersey City Free Books. Anthony Olszewski was born in Jersey City, NJ (Margaret Hague Maternity Hospital, 1956) and is a member of Mensa.
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