The phone regularly rang with people looking for the jail.

When I was a kid, our telephone number was 656-3060; the jail’s was different by just one digit. Weekends — and during the full moon — the phone regularly rang with people looking for the lockup. I’d tell ’em the correct number, but some dazed drunks just kept calling. If my parents weren’t around, I’d goof with the people on the line. One woman called like six or seven times asking “Has bail been set yet for Timothy McGillicuddy?” So I says, “Wait,” and then I rustled the pages of the phone book to make it sound like I’m looking through a file or something. Then I announced in as gruff a voice as I could manage at age 12, “He got the chair.” At the other end there was a scream. I hung up. She didn’t call back.

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