The Lone Drinker at the Candlelight Lounge

I guess it was back in ’77. I bounced into the Candlelight Lounge on the corner of Congress and Summit one morning. As I was walking in, I noticed that empty space had replaced what previously had been a window. I asked Mike (the son of the owner) how the glass got broken. He answered that it hadn’t. I then inquired if like the wind coming through the wall didn’t contradict that. Mike told me to take a look outside underneath the window frame. There, in peaceful repose against the side of the building, was the pane in all its pristine entirety. In close proximity on the sidewalk were some strips of metal that had held the glass in place. I asked Mike the reason for the de-install. He explained that when he got there that AM the window was taken apart. Inside, a bottle of liquor and a drinking glass were on the bar. Nothing had been taken.

A few days later the mystery was partially solved and neither UFOs nor the Bermuda Triangle were involved. The son of a high-ranking police officer had effected the unusual entry. Cops riding by discovered the state of affairs. Instead of generating a lot of paperwork that would have placed a needless burden on the back of the tax paying public, the civic-minded patrolmen handled the incident more efficiently simply by giving the after hours imbiber a lift to dad’s house.

I never found out why the particular individual had taken to drinking alone in this strange manner. I don’t know if he was without the funds to obtain liquor with less effort. Another speculation is that he happened to rise before the bars opened and just was not inclined to wait.

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